Reinventing The RV for Green Living

More people are concerned with being (Green) eco-friendly even the Recreational Vehicle Industry is taking notice. RV’s are still a popular mode of transportation for traveling, but because of their size and the amount of gasoline they use, they leave a huge carbon footprint.

Manufacturers are building lighter mobile homes, using recycled materials to build RV’s, designing aerodynamic models to save on fuel. Adding solar panels to Recreational Vehicles will save electricity for items inside the RV.

Hybrid models with diesel engines and batteries are also being manufactured. These RVs use battery power for city and slower driving, and both the battery and diesel engine at higher speed. There are also convertible minivans that are being designed to be more comfortable yet use less fuel. Recreational Vehicle Insurance companies are also interested in RV’s that are smaller, making them easier to drive.

Currently there’s good news about traveling in an RV. According to a study done by PKF Consulting, a research firm specializing in travel and tourism,a families of four taking RV vacations generate less carbon dioxide than families traveling on a plane, renting a car and staying in a hotel. As consumers continue to press for RV’s that are green, the industry will have to comply.

You can also do things to make your RV more green. Purchase Energy Star appliances for your Recreational Vehicle, turn off lights and appliances when not in use, if you tow your car use it for short drives after you’re settled for your vacation. Just as you do at home, do in your RV.

Whether you’re buying a new RV or making updates your own RV to be more eco-friendly, be sure that your Recreational Vehicle Insurance is current. Besides lowering the carbon footprint you leave, you want to be secure that your RV is covered in case of an accident.



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