Teen Drivers Requirements – Tips – Insurance

Children seem to sprout up quickly before our eyes and the teen years are upon you before you know it. You find yourself repeating what your parents told you when you were a teen:  Mind your manners, do well in school, clean your room, no you are not going out dressed like that! Just some of the fundamentals to preparing them for life.

The day arrives and your teenager comes to you all smiles and asks: Will you teach me to drive?

You were a teenager once and remember how it felt to reach the next coming of age adventure in your life. The things that made it that much closer to being an adult.

Here are the requirements to gain a permit:

Teen drivers must be a minimum of 15 years of age to qualify for a learner license.

The new driver must have two forms of identification, one primary and one secondary.

Usually a Birth Certificate and Social Security Number

According to (Florida Statutes, 322.095) Prior to application for the learner license, the teen driver must complete a Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness course.

Your teen must also provide a parental consent form that is signed in front of a driver license examiner.

If you can not be there, then a notarized copy of the consent form must be presented to the examiner.

Your Teen driver must complete a written test before the learner license is issued.

I recommend getting the drivers handbook. Check your local DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) for a copy.

The next step is to find out what coverage you need before your teen gets behind the wheel of your car.

First the first year of your teen driving with a restricted permit you both will be covered as long as your teen is listed as an occasional driver on your policy and living in your household. (All members of a household are supposed to be listed , even a 10 year old would just be listed as being a household member.) You can still have a pip/pd only policy if you want and it would still cover the passengers medical expenses.

Even when you are an inexperienced driver, it is still possible to get cheaper premiums for your first time driver car insurance.

Contact Budget Bi Rite today and check out our money saving rates, before your teen gets behind the wheel. We also offer discounts for classes they take, such as Drivers Ed at their local high school if available.

Drive Safely and have fun!

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