Safety Tips – Flooding in Florida

July and August bring on the rainy season in Florida with many thunderstorms and lots of rain pouring down in a short amount of time. This can cause street flooding quickly.

When driving in rain, be sure to drive slower than normal. Be aware of other drivers who may lose control and slide into your car. The day can turn cloudy and dark suddenly so if you use your windshield wipers put your lights on too to make it easier for other to see you. If the streets are flooded your brakes may not work, so pump them and don’t drive into water that it is high.

Flooding can happen even if you are not in a flood zone especially when it rains hard. It’s important to remember that your Homeowner’s Insurance doesn’t include flood insurance. You don’t want to be the homeowner who has lost precious items and pay out of pocket for expensive home repairs.

Roof repairs can be caused by wind that occurs during or before heavy rain. Other parts of your home can be damaged too by wind, falling trees or by debris that is picked up by the wind. Although the weather reports keep us informed of storms, there are often heavy rains and windy weather that comes upon Florida suddenly, called freak storms. The need for Homeowner’s Insurance and Mobile Home Insurance in any state is necessary but in Florida it is even more so.


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