Insuring Your Online Business

When you conduct business online, you are open to lawsuits, just as any other business is. General Business Liability Insurance covers you for lawsuits and more.

If you are an individual or a very small company, you may wonder if it’s worth it to purchase Business Insurance. This can be a difficult decision to make on your own.

Some businesses are incorporated and some are friends working together without a contract. Almost every online business has put money into their business in some way. They may have bought products to sell (own inventory), have business cards and other advertising materials, own at least one computer, printer, cell phone and other equipment. The cost of this type of property can range from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands of dollars and more. No matter the cost, if something happened to your property, you may not be able to conduct business without it. Business Insurance would cover loss or some types of damage to this business property.

Some of the most memorable lawsuits have been seen on the TV show, Judge Judy, and some have been about items sold on eBay. If you are sued about something you have sold, something you have written or work that you have done for a client, you want to be covered. General Business Liability Insurance contains coverage for lawsuits.

Be clear that just because your business is online that doesn’t mean insurance isn’t needed. Budget Bi Rite can assist you with determining how much coverage to purchase for your type of online business big or small.

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