Social Media Telling on Insurance Fraud

Having an accident your fault not your fault, and getting your vehicle repaired and payed for by your insurance company is part of why you pay for insurance, but if you get in an accident and lie to your insurance company, you are committing insurance fraud.

Today with cell phone camera’s, video camera’s and all the other great tools of technology available at our finger tips, more and more people are uploading to their choice to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and more. One instance of  seeing something outstanding and pulling out the ole video camera, has another person looking at insurance fraud with a very rare expensive car.

Andy House of Lufkin, Texas is going to court with his insurance company over whether he committed insurance fraud. The owner of a Bugatti Veyron super car borrowed $1 million dollars to purchase this awesome vehicle and insured it for twice that much $2.2 million shortly before he drove it into water and yup, he filed a claim. The owner, an auto dealer, claimed he swerved to avoid hitting a pelican.

There is a video taken of the drive into the water that went up on You Tube with over 3 million views by a passing motorist who had his eye on the car and with good reason since there are only about 300 made.

In all fairness, if you have an accident you are entitled to a claim, even if its your fault but not on purpose, like hitting someone on purpose, street racing and you should check your policy to see what is exactly covered.

Distracted by something or just plain doing something stupid, may be covered, but lying about it, putting in a false claim or giving false information is a crime and insurance fraud.

Social Media is playing into a role that could be used to determine insurance fraud. Right now in civil cases in the U.S. access has been given to research for fraudulent activity on social sites.

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