Hurricanes and The Risk of Higher Insurance Rates

Florida has Hurricanes, California has Earthquakes and the Mid West has Tornado’s. Your insurance coverage could be higher if the insurance company considers your property at a high risk because of mother nature and man-made catastrophes. In 2004 Florida was devastated with 4 hurricanes and many homes were destroyed as well many had roof damage. Four hurricanes in just 6 weeks is not common for Florida, but it happened none the less. Katrina’s devastating blow to New Orleans in 2005 put the insurance companies in motion for yet another catastrophic storm since Hurricane Andrew in 1992 in Miami, Florida.

High risk properties insurance is usually purchased for the most desirable places in which to live. The first factor for consideration for high risk property insurance is location, location, location…

We can weather the storms or get out of the way, but you cannot move a house. The best is to always be prepared for the unexpected or in the case of Florida, always have your home owners policy up to date. When they put up a Hurricane Watch you cannot make changes or obtain more coverage.

Different circumstances and different areas will determine what the cost for high risk property insurance could be. Choosing the best deal with this kind of coverage can be accomplished just as with any other policy. Contact us today! We have experience with Hurricanes first hand. Three of those Hurricanes in 2004 came right to our front door.

Call us today to get your questions answered. 863-453-3903 or visit our website fill out the form and we will have an agent contact you within 24 hours.

We find insurance that meets every budget!

Ashley Bishop Owner/Agent

Budget Bi Rite Insurance, Inc

Serving All of Florida

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