Tips for Buying A Good Used Motorcycle

With gas prices going up, many people are leaving the car at home and opting for two wheel transportation such as scooters and motorcycles. In many area’s of the US it has come to the point for many that pulling out of the driveway just to go to work is costing more. If you are one of these people on the hunt for a good deal and reliable transportation but can’t afford to buy a new motorcycle then you need to inform yourself before you make a purchase.

What are you going to be comfortable driving? Just like a car or truck the same is for a motorcycle. Are you into big cars and trucks or do you like a sports car. With motorcycles the style and model are the same consideration. From Harley Davidson to Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha etc, they may look the same to some, but each bike has its on unique design. For instance some Harley Davidson’s are better suited for traveling on the open road, and Kawasaki may offers bikes that are for every day use and going fast.

Just like a car or truck, maintenance is always needed along the way. Check the year and make of your potential choice of purchase and make sure parts are available. Buying an older bike may mean that parts are not as readily available. Antiques are great and sought after, but may be better used for bike shows and Sunday afternoon drives.

How much horsepower you need also means how much fuel you will require. The bigger the engine the more you can expect to spend at the pump. As well the faster the bike can go, there is also a chance your insurance will cost you more.

Check the mileage as you would when purchasing a 4 wheel vehicle. High mileage on a motorcycle is not such a big deal as on a car or truck. Your concern with high mileage on a motorcycle is that the bike has been maintained well for that mileage. Ask for proof of any repairs or add ons.

A bike that looks a little worn around the edges does not necessarily mean the engine is not is good condition. Ask how the motorcycle was housed. Has it been sitting outside with a cover or parked in a garage. Taking someone with you that knows motorcycles is a great idea. The sound of an engine can tell a story to someone who knows what to listen for.

Above all else, if you are going to purchase a new or used motorcycle make sure you know how to drive it. There are courses given all over the US and that investment is worth it for you and your life.

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