Why Your Business Needs Product Liability Insurance

You have a great product, its selling and there are demands for more, but what happens if someone becomes injured or sick as a result of using your products. If you do not have product liability insurance you could be out of business.

First lets see what this type of insurance does for you. Product liability insurance protects your business from anyone suing you. It takes the risk of someone getting injured or sick because of your product, straight to your insurance company where they can be compensated. This does not come out of your pocket or away from your business profits.

If you do not have product insurance, you are gambling with your business.

How much coverage do you need? That will depend on what type of business you have and what type of product your company provides or manufacturers. If you manufacture fireworks you will probably need more coverage then say a company that provides shoes. When consumers use your product your are legally responsible for injury or property damage from the use of your product, but other legal areas could arise and your really need to know what your coverage will do for you for any product-related lawsuits or mishaps.

Why put your business in jeopardy for something that may hurt it or possibly close it down. Cover yourself for the just in case and you will sleep better at night knowing your hard work to build your business no matter what size is protected.

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Ashley Bishop Owner/Agent

Budget Bi Rite Insurance, Inc

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