Working from Home is Risky without Home Business Insurance

With just about every home now owning a computer or laptop, many people are working out of their homes. While it is cost effective with little overhead other then what you pay to live in your home already, your home insurance will not cover all you need for a home based business.

Like home insurance will cover your personal items in case of theft or damage, your home based business insurance will cover all your equipment used in your business, IE: computers, phones, fax machines, cameras or what ever equipment you use. Your home based business insurance will also cover what you have that belongs to others. Let’s say you are a trading assistant on eBay and you store clients products until they sell. You are responsible for these items and knowing that you are protected is great ease for your mind and pocket in case something should happen to them.

Other benefits to consider when choosing your home business insurance are:

Credit card coverage that will cover your business card and your personal card. Regular home insurance policies will only cover your personal cards.

You also can obtain coverage for personal liability, that will protect you in case any of your clients that are visiting for meetings or appointments have a slip and fall and make you liable for a lawsuit.

Taking your laptop or camera with you? Home business insurance will cover your equipment while out in the field while some regular home insurance policies will not.

Home insurance does not cover business but business home owners insurance does cover your household.

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