Carpooling Back To School Tips

Carpooling for back to school is a way to be environmentally friendly, a way to save money and time for parents. Instead of using multiple cars for multiple families, using just one means less cars on the road. Since fuel is expensive carpooling saves money. Not having to drive your child every day saves you time.

 Usually a carpool works weekly. One parent drives for the full week and it switches to the next parent and so on. Scheduling is very important. Keep in mind any extracurricular activities and appointments. Anything, including sickness and other emergencies can throw off the schedule, so have a backup driver for each day.

Some schools provide assistance with making up carpool lists. If your school doesn’t suggest it to the Principal or to the PTA or start one yourself. There are websites that help to set up carpools and to organize them. Making up and signing an agreement is often helpful. You may want to include safety rules as well as rules about being on time. Every driver should include a copy of their driver’s license and Car Insurance Create a calendar to remind everyone when their car insurance is ready for renewal so proof is shown at that time again.

Make an emergency contact list and include all phone numbers where parents can be reached. Also include the names of each child, their ages, their parents’ names, and all emergency information. Some parents provide copies of signed documents allowing each driver to access emergency medical care in case of an accident. Each driver should keep these records with them in their car, purse or wallet.

Make sure that your child knows who is picking them up each day and if a change is made communicate that to the school so your child is aware. Instruct your child to never get into any car other than the one he or she is told to by you or by their teacher. Meet up before the carpool begins so your child can meet the parents and other children. Use this time to socialize and have someone instruct the children on car safety such as always using a seat belt, no fighting or yelling in the car, etc. Set up these rules, rewards and punishments for all children. You can even have the children sign their own contract.

Be sure that all passengers are covered under your policy before you begin the carpool. Safe driving!

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