Insurance Coverage for Home Owners Detached Structures

Whether you have a detached garage, gazebo, tool shed or fancy doghouse, your homeowner’s policy should cover those structures. Your homeowner’s insurance should also includes compensation for damage to detached structures on your property..

Check your homeowners policy to see what your policy’s coverage limit is. Normally for detached structures the average policy includes up to ten percent of your home’s coverage cost for compensation.

Example: If your house is insured for $450,000 your detached structures coverage would be for $45,000.

How can your claim be denied? If your detached structure is even partly used for business, your claim can be denied so be sure to ask for approval in your homeowners when purchasing or updating your policy.

What happens if the damage to the detached structure is more than the 10% allotted on your homeowners policy?

You can also purchase detached structure coverage. See what the value of your garage, gazebo, tool shed etc is to make that determination.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may make seem overwhelming, but it will be even more burdensome should you not know what is covered in it.

Let Budget Bi Rite help you put together your custom homeowners policy and save you money, now and in the long run.

Call us today to get your questions answered. 863-453-3903 or visit our website fill out the form and we will have an agent contact you within 24 hours.

We find insurance that meets every budget!

Ask us about deductibles as low as $100.00.

Ashley Bishop Owner/Agent

Budget Bi Rite Insurance, Inc

Serving all of Florida


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