Tips To Start a Food Truck Business

Just like The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, food trucks have come a long way since the days serving pizza, chicken, hot dogs and ice cream from food carts and the demand for cheaper food and on the go has risen immensely since the decline of the economy.

Today home cooks and restaurants have taken to the road and are sharing there wares from Deserts to Steak taco’s, vegetarian and vegan and  you can find homemade recipes that will want you coming back for more. Put Twitter in the mix and food trucks together and you can have followers everyday.

First Impressions

Consider your food truck your restaurant. How do you want the outside to look, what will your logo/brand be. If you have seen the Great Food Truck Race, you will see that there trucks are attention getting with just the artwork done on the truck to begin with and I am sure that did not come cheap. Shop around and get quotes. Your first impression is the truck itself pulling up to any location.

What are you serving? Are you a breakfast truck? Lunch? Desserts only? Do whatever you are good at, or the recipes from your Nana that are so wonderful you want to share them with the world. Go with what you know, what has received good reviews from others. Practice your recipes and demand family and friends be your worst critics.You do not want to hear, yes that is delicious when its not. Better to have family and friends be honest with you before you put out a recipe, then letting your customers tell you by not coming back. Also consider  your time to get the product out. A majority of customers coming to your truck want fast service, which means you need to have fresh food fast and tasty. Another thing to consider is  what you are serving your food in. You want a container that will hold the food well for your customers who may be eating and on the go.

Your time and investment matters.

Food trucks can cost as much as a small house to cheaper versions, it all depends on how much you can invest. A food cart at say $3000.00 to food truck at $50,000 is a big difference. How much do you have for start up? You will also need to calculate, prep time for recipes, shopping for food, time spent out in the field making sales and travel time to and from your destinations.

Bring in the Customers
Twitter is a food truck owners friend. Post where you are going to be and what time, specials for that day on a Twitter account you have opened just for your Food Truck business. Gather in your local people to follow you and tell their friends. Social Marketing is a must for any business and word of mouth is priceless.

You Are a Business

Yes you are a business and the health department and your local code enforcement will let you know that. You will need to have a health inspection and obtain permits to keep yourself in business. You may want to contact your local health department and ask what the health codes are to make sure your inspection is a good one every time and your local county office about what is required permits.

Must be Insured

Key word here is not only business, its Food Truck. You will be mobile and on the road, which means you will need to be insured. General Liability and Commercial Auto. Contact our office so we can help you find the best quotes and what is needed for your great food truck.

Just like a restaurant, good service and good food are key ingredients to being successful. That means you need a plan and to follow that plan. Set up your menu, calculate your cost of food, truck expenses and advertising and be sure to add in your insurance cost before before you leave the driveway.



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