Are Your Gifts Covered By Auto Insurance if Stolen?

Holiday shopping is fun and can be exhausting. Besides finding just the right gifts you are probably planning the menu and grocery shopping. You are busy and when your busy checking off your list for the day, add to your list. Getting busy can bring on stress, and forgetfulness. Cover yourself puts those gifts in the trunk of your car and keep them out of site.

Car thefts and car break in numbers are up during the holidays and that gift bag on your back seat is a calling card. Not everything in your vehicle may be covered by your auto insurance. What a shame to go through your shopping day, spend your hard earned money to have it all disappear.

If you only have comprehensive coverage say goodbye to those gifts, your laptop, i- pod and other personal items as well. Comprehensive coverage covers, your vehicle, and other vehicles (there may be limitations)you drive. It covers damage to your car if it is stolen, damaged by flood, fire, or if unfortunately you hit an animal. This coverage also pays to fix your vehicle less the deductible you have chosen.

Auto insurance is for insuring just that your vehicle. What is personal in the vehicle has no coverage. While homeowner’s or renter’s policy will yield payouts for personal property there is a stipulation that it personal property from your home to be covered. So those gifts you are loading up in your car, basically have no coverage.

Check your home owners and auto insurance policies to see what your are covered for and

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