Snowy Weather Driving – Care Tips for Your Vehicle

If your live up north or plan to travel, know that Snowy weather can effect your car especially in January and February. These two months are more important then any other months of the year for a car wash.

January and February are the snowiest months of the year and when there is more salt put down on the roads. Salt is an abrasive and when mixed with water forms rust. Rust spreads like crazy and will damage not only your paint job, but deteriorate the metal.

Simple solution is to take your vehicle to the car wash at least twice a month to avoid this and more money out of pocket then you want for repairs.

Not only does winter effect the outside of your vehicle, it can effect the motor. Keep your motor running smoothly by using Synthetic oil. It has fewer damaging contaminates then regular oil and does cost a bit more. The results are a smoother running engine from the oil that flows better and you can get up to 10,000 miles before you have to have another oil change in most vehicles. Ask your mechanic what is best for your vehicle.

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