Finding a Homeowner Insurance Policy that will meet your budget!

ahouse copyOver the past 7 years while Florida has been hurricane and basically natural disaster free, home insurance rates have gone up and in 2013 are expected to rise more.

The competition for homeowners insurance is big, and we at Budget Bi Rite want you to be able to get the savings, and the best policy for your property.

We have now included Citizens Insurance Property Insurance Corp on our list of agencies to better serve you.  Citizens Insurance is for homeowners who through various situations could not be insured by a private insurance company. If  you for any reason you are having a hard time finding insurance for a price that will meet your budget or are not able to obtain insurance, give us a call today to get your questions answered. 863-453-3903

or visit our website fill out the form and we will have an agent contact you within 24 hours.

 We find insurance that meets every budget!

Ask us about deductibles as low as $100.00.

Ashley Bishop Owner/Agent

Budget Bi Rite Insurance, Inc

Serving All of Florida


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