Don’t Be Fooled – Scammers Are Calling About Your Utility Bill

scamalertYour in a situation where the lights go out and how often did your hear someone say”who did not  pay the bill?” Come home to find out the water is turned off, the gas stove does not light up and then it crosses your mind, “did I pay the bill?” That is normally after a few late notices, and this is how you find out the utility company wants their payment. Its the hard way of knowing not to mention the late fee and fee for them to turn your utility back on in most cases.

Sure it would be nice to get a phone call or text message to give you a heads up, and that is exactly what the utility scammers are doing. Scammers are calling people saying they are from your utility company and that your lights, water, etc are going to be turned off if you do not make a payment right away. They then ask for your credit card or bank info. Once you have given them this information you just opened the door for them to steal from you.

Instead, hang up and call the utility company (using the phone number on your bill)  to see if you are late on a payment or if there is a problem.  If you account is overdue you can take care of it right away, whether it be for an extension or payment and know that you are giving the right people your money.

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