Texting A Driver and Causing An Accident – Is the Sender Responsible?

cellphoneCnn.com had an article this morning of an accident occurring while the driver was texting with his girlfriend, an accident that could have been avoided. This happened in New Jersey and now New Jersey is considering making the person sending the text to the driver,  responsible for any injuries this conversation causes in the case of an accident.

According to the article “62 texts were sent” between the couple that day. “Seventeen seconds after the driver sent a text back to his girlfriend he was dialing 911, he had just hit a couple driving a motorcycle  head on causing severe injuries.(read article here)  The couple on the motorcycle wanted the girlfriend  texting  her boyfriend, knowing he  was driving, made accountable.

I do not believe in texting and driving or trying to talk on a cell phone while driving. It only takes a second to look at your phone and get distracted. If you must answer a call, get a hands free phone. If you must text, pull over.

See article here about Texting and Driving  in Florida,  come this October 2013 it will be illegal.

What do you think of this law and if it passes, should it be in all states? Leave a comment…

Stay safe on the road, stay off your phone while driving.

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