Cold Weather Driving Emergencies Preparation Tips

id-100155943Here in Florida we prepare for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms but not snow or icy roads. But what if you were traveling or live up north, would you be prepared if you are caught in a blizzard or very cold temperatures in your vehicle? The possibility of sitting for hours in the cold until help arrived is not something I would want to be unprepared for.

Be prepared ahead of time with what type of emergency supplies you should carry with you.

Tool Kit – jumper cables, flares, screwdrivers, wrench set,

First Aid Kit that is kept up to date

Flashlight and Extra Batteries, Glow Sticks and Candles

Extra pair of gloves, scarf, hat, hand warmers and emergency blanket

Fluorescent safety vest – in case you need to be outside of your vehicle you will be noticed

Emergency Power Pack – Provides back up power for your cell phones, and handheld devices

Folding Shovel

Ice Scraper

Kitty Litter – mixes with the snow to form clay and provide more traction if you get stuck.

LED safety strobe light

Paper towels and yes even a roll of toilet paper

Bottled Water

Protein Bars – make sure to replenish if not used and check expiration date

You can also buy winter weather (not an affiliate link) emergency kits online

Stay warm and safe on the road…



Photo Courtesy of Dr Joseph Valks at



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