Choosing The Right Faucets For Your Home by Direct Interiors

ID-10094703Often overlooked, faucets can make something ordinary into something extraordinary according to Direct Interiors. When considering a new facet, looks are important as well as how they function is for water pressure and flow.

Four types to consider are:

Compression Faucets – The oldest type of faucet usually found in older homes and in utility sinks in newer homes with separate hot and cold water handles.

Ball Faucets – Very common Kitchen faucet that has a single handle that moves over a rounder ball shaped cap at the base of the faucet. You push it one way for cold and the other for hot.

Cartridge Faucets – Adjust the water volume with an up and down motion and use the left and right motion for temperature.

Disk faucets – A modern type faucet, it mixes the hot and cold water with two ceramic discs while controlling the pressure.

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