Humming Birds – What To and What Not to Feed Them

ID-1004379Spring weather is on here in Florida and the humming birds are out and looking for food. Most of the time here you see the black birds, blue jays and on occasion a cardinal, but the humming birds are once in while if encouraged to visit flowers or a feeder.

Did You Know?
While they are tiny they have more feathers per inch then any other bird with the exception of the penguin
Flying is more then just straight ahead for them, the can fly forward, backward, hover and even fly upside down.
Speedy little guys, they can fly up to 30 miles an hour.
Humming Birds have amazing hearing and vision
4.2% of its body weight is a remarkable brain. They can recall every flower they have visited and know when a flower is ready to generate nectar
Their tongues are forked and have thin extensions to retrieve the nectar from flowers, not straw like as many people think

They like to eat nectar from flowers but a Humming Bird feeder can give you a chance to see these awesome birds, fly in and out of your yard too.

Find Out What and What Not to Feed Humming Birds Here




Photo Courtesy of  Christian Meyn. at


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