Memorial Day Weekend Party Food Recipes

Memorial day is a day of remembrance for all those who died in the armed forces. It is a federal holiday  that is observed every last Monday of May. It was started in 1868 after the Civil War and called Decoration Day. Union veterans established this day for decorating the graves of soldiers with flowers in remembrance. The Confederate also had a day of remembrance and by the 20th century they merged them together bringing us Memorial Day to honor all Americans of the military service who died.  It is a day to visit the graves and memorials for those men and women who gave up their most precious lives and many leave flags and flowers to this day. Thank you for all who serve and those before you.

So why do we also celebrate with food and a party. Even before the Civil War, families in the south, rural areas and mountains would gather around the graves of their loved ones and have a picnic. Many relatives came from far away and this was a good time to visit and remember the one who passed away. After the Civil War and Decoration Day was established this tradition still continued and is believed to be the same for Memorial Day.

Find Memorial Day Party Food Idea’s on our board on Pinterest.

Have a save and fun weekend!






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