How To Stay Safe Inside During a Thunderstorm and Why You Should Avoid the Bathroom

Summer in Florida brings Thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon. We all have the good sense to seek shelter when a storm is approaching, but did you know that you still have to be safe indoors.

Florida is known for lots of lightning. It is considered the leading most lighting tending state in the country. Others are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

The National Weather Service warns  that if you can hear thunder, you have the potential of being struck by lightning. Once you see lightning, thunder can be heard up to 10 miles away. As soon as you see lightning, count in seconds until you hear thunder. Thunder takes about 5 seconds to travel a mile. Find a safe place and start counting, after the flash of lightning wait until you hear the thunder and divide that amount by 5 to find out how far away the lightning is.

Once you seek shelter, what can you do to protect yourself inside?

Here are some tips :

Stay off of a landline phone. The lightning could hit phone lines outside of the house and go through the wires inside the home to the phone. Do not want to be on the other end of that! Use a cell phone or a cordless phone.

Anything to do with pipes and water like, taking a bath, shower, washing dishes. Lighting likes to travel and if you have metal pipes it will travel through them sending an electrical charge on its path. Most homes today have PCV pipes, but better to be safe then sorry, wait until the storm is over.

Save your appliances and anything plugged in to an electrical outlet. If your home gets struck by lighting anything plugged in could be damaged permantley and be a pathway to harming you. When you hear a storm approaching unplug your appliances, TV and  computer to be on the safe side. Also turn off your air conditioner, that would be a big inconvenience, especially in the summer, to have to go without nice cool air for any amount of time.

In Florida a couple found out just why you should avoid the bathroom!

Toilet Explodes from Lightning Strike!




Stay safe and wishing you a great summer!




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