Tips for What to do if You’re Driving Behind a Slow Driver

Driving a least one car length behind another vehicle per every 10 miles an hour is good advice and may prevent you from hitting the backend of the vehicle in front of you in case of a sudden stop. Not only is it safer, but courteous. Sometimes we just want to get where we are going and getting behind someone going slow is frustrating.

Here are some tips if your driving behind a slow driver.

Stay calm and stay behind them at a safe distance until you have an opportunity to turn off to a short cut you know or to pass them safely. Use your turn signal so they can see you are about to go around them. If at night, use your turn signal and then proceed with caution.

Here are some tips to avoid getting rear ended.

Make sure your brake lights are working correctly. Use your turn signals well in advance of lane changes and turning onto side streets.

Check your rear view mirrors to see what is going on behind you. If you have someone riding your back bumper, pull off the road or into another lane and let them pass.

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