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COVID-19 – DIY Face Mask – How To Care For – Patterns and Instructions

DIY homemade masks are not going to give you the protection a meidal (n95) masks will. They will however provide you with helping slow the spread of COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The CDC recommends the Cloth Face Coverings (masks) “fit comfortably but snugly, have multiple layers of fabric, allow for breathing without restriction and be made for washing and drying without damage or changing shape”. See all their recommendations Here for keeping them clean, safely removing them and more. They also provide information of what materials will be needed and a tutorial to make a homemade mask.

Here are some other places that offer DIY homemade mask tutorials and patterns.

DIY Face Mask with Elastic in 10 minutes – Sewing Tutorial
Melanie Ham shows you an easy way to make a mask using elastic.

Melanie shows you how to make a DIY Face Mask with Ties, Fitted Nose and Filter Pocket

Want to volunteer?
Joann Fabrics is asking volunteers to help support our Country’s Medial Personal and their goal is to have 100,000,000 million masks donated. Today the number of masks donated is 33,213,645, wouldn’t be great to see them reach their goal! Get the information here is you would like to contribute.

Free Mask Sewing Pattern from Craft Passion
Very helpful instructions with step by step photos, a video tutorial and printable patterns. Scroll down to the photo of the family wearing the face masks to see the list in red for Men, Women/Teenagers, Kids, with 3 options for for download. Hint: You could just print and cut out the patterns and use your copy paper and pins instead of the freezer paper.
Get the pattern and DIY instructions Here

Stay home, wash your hands and please implement social distancing to help avoid the spread of the COVID-19

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Why Protein For Breakfast Is So Important Plus Recipes

They say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Makes sense since it is the meal that will get your body going and set the pace for the day. It’s like fueling your car, little or no fuel, your running on fumes or no go at all.

Drinking a cup of coffee for most folks in the morning is a given and enjoyed. Combining that with a couple of donuts for breakfast may satisfy your craving for sugar and be a quick meal, but in just a little while you will feel the lag of energy that was elevated from the sugar, and caffeine together. To keep your energy going longer and stay full longer, try eating protein for breakfast to give your body and mind a good start for the day.

Protein takes longer to digest and will keep you full far longer then that coffee and donuts type breakfast that are full of carbohydrates. Eggs are a good option to get protein, and there other tasty foods you can add to your breakfast recipes and have a variety.

The folks over at have put together an article 21 Ways to Eat More Protein for Breakfast with delicious healthy recipes idea’s to get your day started with protein.

They also have a few articles to help you better understand how protein works and why it is good for Breakfast.

What Is Protein and What Does It Do for Our Bodies?

10 Ways to Eat Your Daily Protein


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How To Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden Tips

Spring time means starting a garden to enjoy vegetables all summer long. Not only are organic gardens great for healthy food and flavor, they also add a nice bit of landscape to your property and save you money at the grocery store.

There’s nothing like just walking out into your yard and gathering fresh vegetables to cook with or make a salad that day. You also know where they came from and how they were grown with your own hands and the love you put into your garden.

Bring in the entire family on this fun project! Don’t just go it alone, this is a great for teaching your kids about eating healthy and how to grow their own food organically. Who knows maybe they thought they did not like a certain vegetable or many vegetables before but are willing to give them a try after they get to help grow, pick and prepare them going from the garden to the table.

Check out this video from Howdini with Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine, who has great information and tips for Organic gardening and how to grow an organic vegetable garden.

Grab your shovel and get started! Enjoy :}











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Measles Outbreak – Vaccination MMR – What You Need To Know

Maggies Mentions

ID-100139604I understand the decisions a mother has to make for their child’s health and welfare, raising two of my own. You want the best for your child and if you think there is a threat of them getting autism from a vaccine that is supposed to benefit their health, sure you are going to have a tough decision.

I have family members and friends who became new moms in the past few years that were concerned about the rumor that MMR – Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccination could cause Autism. I was asked if I had my kids vaccinated when they were younger. (My kids are now adults) Of course I did. Why would I want my child to suffer from a disease that can be prevented. I told them of a friend who contracted Polio just a few months before the Polio vaccination came out at the age of…

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Benifits of Eating Kale for Your Health and a Beautiful You

ID-100181983Kale is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C and K, Fiber and more. With just 33 calories per one cup of raw Kale, not only is it good for your health, but by consuming it you could see a difference in your hair and skin. If you have dry skin, it could be a sign that you are low on Vitamin A. Kale offers 100 per cent of our daily needs for Vitamin A.

For your Hair, the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids together in a glass of Kale juice give it great benefits adding circulation to your scalp and helping your hair to grow faster and healthier.

Read more about other benefits of Kale and get recipes from and

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Everyday Healthy Benefits in Your Garden

ID-1002128There was a reason Mom said eat your vegetables when you were a kid. Mom knew how good they were for you to give you the vitamins an nutrients you needed to grow. When I was a kid, Broccoli was little trees and Spinach was Popeye’s go to, to make him strong. Not everyone likes these veggies even into adulthood and there are alternatives.

A newly released report from Purdue University says that White fruits and veggies are just as good as the colorful ones when it comes to health booting benefits.

Apples and Banana’s – help blood flow in the brain and according to a study done in the Netherlands, they can prevent strokes by 52%.  Apples also are rich in flavonids that improve insulin sensitivity which help lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes says the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Button Mushrooms – These delicious morsels power your immune system and help prevent colds and the Flu by generating virus destroying T Cells in your blood system.

Green Cabbage also is a great deterrent for colds and flu because of the Geutamine and amino acids aiding your immune system. Use it in Coleslaw, as a sauteed side dish or in your soups and stews.

Cauliflower the cousin of Broccoli, can cut your cancer risk according to an Oregon State University research. The cancer fighting ingredient Sulforaphane found in cauliflower and broccoli can attack cancer cells in two ways at the same time. Eat is raw for the most benefits. Cooking it too much will destroy the Sulforaphane.

Good Ole Potatoes – Who doesn’t like Potatoes? Mashed, Baked, Fried, Boiled, they are a great staple for most meals. The researchers over at the University of Washington have another important reason you should eat Potatoes, they are good for your heart. Potatoes are loaded with Potassium as are Banana’s which helps to lower blood pressure. They are also a great go to for  Vitamin C that cuts plaque buildup in the heart vessels.

You will probably want to keep mints on hand for these! Onions and Garlic – The Medical university of South Carolina says eating onions and garlic puts your at a lower risk for Ostearthritis then any other fruit or vegetable. They have a compound Disulphide that protects your joints from wear and tear that can cause Ostearthritis.

Eat up and eat healthy!

#this is not medical advise. If you are suffering from an ailment of any sort, contact a doctor.




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