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How To Make Hanukkah Latkes Recipe Video With Martha Stewart

potato-pancakes-544712_640Latkes are a popular dish that is served on the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. They are also know as potato pancakes and served with applesauce. These delightfully light pancakes go back as far as the Middle Ages and the Ashkenazi Jews  have prepared them since the mid 1800′. Not all Latkes are made from potato’s. Some are made with cheese and other dairy that look more like the pancakes that are served with butter and syrup.
Today we are going to learn how to make the potato Latkes with Martha Stewart. She shows you step by step from grating the potato, putting them in the pan and then onto your plate and even has a secret ingreditent.





Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah or looking for a yummy breakfast treat, these are a must make for the holidays. Enjoy!



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Crock Pot Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate For A Crowd

hot-chocolate-1068701_640Betty Crocker has a great idea for serving hot chocolate to your guest this Christmas. Pull out the Slow Cooker/Crock Pot and you are on your way to easy yummy hot chocolate with treats to go in the drink and on top.

The cocoa recipe has delicious semi sweet chocolate chips, unsweetened cocoa, vanilla and more to make an amazing hot chocolate drink. Add crushed peppermint candies, marshmallows, toffee bits or whatever you prefer on the side for everyone.

Get the Recipe Here

Happy Holidays :}







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How to Throw a Salad Bar Party Idea’s

ID-1002128Salads are great anytime of year but in Florida during those hot, humid summer days, they are absolutely refreshing. A salad bar at a Party offers so many great options and can also cover those who are looking for lower fat intake, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic or simply wanting to fit into their bathing suits and watching their weight. You can include a variety of fruits, vegetable and proteins and have a beautiful, colorful good for you salad bar enjoyed by all.

Start with the base of the salad, the Lettuce.  It is easier to pick great lettuce these days at your local grocery store with many options that are all ready washed and ready to go.  Have a separate plate or bowl for each one.

You could offer a variety of three types and let your guests mix and match or just choose to have one.

Romaine – Crisp and has high nutrition value
Radicchio – a bit  bitter and has a lovely marble red and white color
Arugula (nickname rocket) has a light peppery flavor.
Spring Greens Mix – a variety of flavors and color and you could easily add fresh kale or spinach to liven it up even more.

Fresh Herbs like Basil, Cilantro, Thyme, Parsley give your lettuces a boost of flavor. You can tear the leaves of each and have available to add to the lettuce or top a salad.


This is the fun part of the salad, adding more flavor. Be creative and offer a good amount of toppings like veggies, fruits, nuts, cheeses, legumes and proteins.

Here are some idea’s:


Choose at least five vegetables.

Cherry Tomatoes – (officially a fruit) cut them in half to make it easier to eat. No one like to chase that round tomato around their plate.
Cucumber – slice thin or cube
Mushrooms – White button or Cremini there are lots of variety’s to choose from
Radish’s – It may be a bit strong with the peppery flavor for some guest, so slice them very thin
Scallions/Green Onions – Both the white and green parts are delicious
Red Onions – Offer great flavor and color, slice thin
Carrots – Adds a bit of sweetness to the salad. Slice thin
Zucchini – Slice in rounds or cubes
Broccoli – loaded with vitamins and adds crunch. Cut into small trees for easy eating
Bell Peppers – Red, Yellow, Orange or Green offers great color and taste. Slice thin or cube them.
Shredded Cabbage – Adds crunch, flavor and color. Choose green or purple
Jicama – Has a sweet and nutty flavor and adds crunch and fiber
Fennel – Has a  Licorice flavor and crunch


Choose at least three fruits.

Apples – adds sweetness and many to choose from. Cut into bite size pieces or slice thin
Pears – adds sweetness and fiber. Slice thin
Strawberries – Wash the day you are going to use them. Cut off the leaves and slice thin
Pineapple – Adds citrus and vitamin C. Cut into cubes
Mango – Sweet and healthy. Slice up or cut into cubes
Watermelon – sweet and juicy the will add great flavor to any salad. Cut into small cubes

Mozzarella – shredded or small pearl mozzarella
Parmesan – Makes a great nutty flavor topping. Slice thin
Feta –  Greek Cheese that has a mild bite
Goat Cheese – Made from goats milk and has a tangy flavor


Choose at least three proteins.

Adding a variety of proteins like beans, meats and vegetable based proteins allows you to  cater to everyone.
Chicken – Boneless, skinless, grilled or broiled will go well as a topping to your salad bar. You can also buy already cooked chicken in the freezer isle of the grocery store. Heat per instructions.
Roast beef – For an easy way to add this topping, visit your local deli and have them slice it for you.
Ham – You could purchase a cut of ham from the deli and cut into cubes’
Bacon – Cooked crisp and crumbled makes a delicious topping.
Black Beans – Are popular with rice, salsa and make a great topping for protein in a salad
Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans – Add a nutty flavor
Cannellini Beans – Soft and creamy bean with a light flavor
Tempeh – Soybean product that is high in protein. Comes in different flavors. You could try the maple bacon tempeh for a substitute for a bacon topping.
Tofu – Soybean product that is made from soybeans, high in protein.

Nuts add crunch and flavor. Buy them in a variety, flavored or raw.
Sunflower Seeds

Dressings – Sweet, sour, salty, cheesy, fat free and oil and vinegar are a great variety. Put the dressings into bowls with ladels so your guest can pour the dressing over their salad easily.

Croutons – Plain and flavored
Bread – A good crusty bread or rolls
Crackers – Offer a variety, saltines, Ritz or a gourmet cracker

Set up your Salad Bar with Plates, Silverware, Napkins at the beginning of the bar. Have all the food in separate dishes starting with lettuces, toppings, fruits, proteins, cheeses and then nuts.  For each one have spoons, forks, tongs or what is easy to use for them to get the food to their plate.

Have bowls with ice under the bowls of food to keep it cold longer (no one like wilted lettuce…) and keeps it from spoiling.

Keep spare lettuce in the refrigerator and replace as needed as well as toppings that need that attention.


Enjoy :}



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How To Throw a Fondue Party Plus Recipes

fondue-708185_640If you want to have a party where every person is participating and having a good time, Fondue is the way to go. The combination of yummy dippers with delicious cheese or chocolate sauces is what makes Fondue so good.

Fondue started as a melted cheese with wine served in a hot pot that everyone can dip into and can be dated back as early as 1699 from a book published in Zurich. The recipe called for grated cheese melted with wine and bread as a dipper.

It became popular in the 1930’s when the Swiss Cheese Union promoted Swiss cheese as a national dish along with chocolate fondue. By the 1950’s Fondue became more then Swiss cheese and bread dipping to other dishes like dessert fondue with that you dipped fruit into and hot oil in which to cook meat. It became popular in the United States in the 1960’s.

Today there are many combinations for making a Fondue sauce and dippers that just about anyone can find what they like. The folks over at they have lots of recipe combination to choose from. Don’t have a fondue pot? They suggest a crock pot instead. Check out their tips and all their delicious Fondue Recipes Here.






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Pretty Rose Shaped Apple Baked Dessert by Cooking with Manuela

Maggies Mentions

2015-03-13 119 p Photo Courtesy of

This is such a pretty dessert! Manuela from Cooking with Manuela shows you how to make these delicious rose shaped apple baked delights using just two apples, apricot preserves, pastry dough, cinnamon and a sprinkle of powdered sugar is added after baking.

I can’t wait to try this! Get the Recipe Here or see the video below

Thank you Manuela!

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How To Make an Easter Bunny Cake In Six Steps by Howcast (Video)

ID-100145440Delight your family and friends this Easter with an easy to make Bunny Cake in just 6 Easy steps by Use a homemade cake mix or one from the box. The coconut adds flavor and looks like soft bunny fur. A couple of jelly beans or round candy make up the eyes and nose. Finish off with licorice strings for the whiskers, pink cardboard for the ears and you have a Happy Easter Bunny Cake… see more on the video…

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Grilled Shrimp Skewers Kabobs with Peppers and Pineapple Recipe

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ID-100241111One of my favorites ways to prepare Shrimp is to put them on skewers and throw them on the grill.

This Shrimp recipe for skewers (kabobs) can be used as an appetizer or repeat the process on a longer skewer as a main meal over rice or pasta.

The Teriyaki sauce give the vegetables a sweet and salty flavor that goes well with the garlic, lemon and ginger on the shrimp kabob.

Leaving the pineapple plain, adds a delicious sweet flavor when grilled, that makes the other flavors blend so well.

1 Pound Large 26-30 Count Shrimp peeled and de-veined with tails on
1 Small Green, Red and Yellow or orange Pepper cut into 1″ pieces
1 Medium Onion cut into 1″ pieces
1 Container Fresh Cherry Tomatoes
1 Fresh Pineapple cut into 1″ pieces – does not go into marinade.
1 /2 Cup Teriyaki Sauce
1 TBS Fresh Ginger…

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Fresh Peach Salsa Recipe from Natashas Kitchen

Fresh Peach Salsa

Came across this refreshing yummy recipe on Pinterest and have added it to the list for the Forth of July BBQ!

It is made with fresh peaches, onions, peppers, cilantro and more.

Fresh Peach Salsa Recipe |