Tips for Heating Your Home Safety And Money Saving Ideas This Winter

Winter in Florida has been mild and I am sure our Northern visitors are loving it. Snow storms have already made their way across the United States in December leaving much snow, loss of power and bitter cold. Staying warm from heating systems , to space heaters can be costly. Here are a few tips to help keep those costs down, while staying warm.

Space Heaters

Do you have the right space heater? Trying to heat up a large room with a small space heater will cost you more and not provide the heat you need. Match the space heater to the room size. Check the manual for how many square feet the heater you have will be adequate per room you need heated. What is good about space heaters as well is that you can take them from room to room and only heat the room you will be in, saving you money.

Safety Tips for Space Heaters

Hot Water Radiator

Did you know that your Hot Water Radiator can lose up to 25% heat? The you are losing is going straight into the wall behind the radiator. This can be fixed by placing a piece of insulation board behind the radiator. Simply cut the insulation board to the size of your radiator, cover one side with aluminum foil. Place the board between the radiator and wall with the foil side showing. The heat will now bounce off the foil and into your room.

Tip: Before starting up your radiator for the winter, clean it off well for any dust and dirt accumulation. Dust and dirt will act as an insulation and your radiator will not emit as much heat.

Safety Tips for Hot Water Radiators

Heating System

The best way to save money here is to do something very simple: Change out the filters at least once a month. During the winter you are inside the home more often then any other time of they year, and with good reason to get out of the cold. Your filters collect pet dander and dust and with more people inside the home this time of year the accumulation is more frequent. Clean filters mean more air flow which means a more cozy warm home.

Tip: Don’t forget about the cold air return vents. If they are on the floor be sure they are not blocked by furniture, drapes or rugs so they continue to feed your heating system.


Its all in the type of wood you use. Soft woods like Pine will burn faster and not as hot as a hardwood. Hardwoods like Oak, Cherry, Apple and Maple burn longer and hotter. You could also purchase seasoned wood (Check your local hardware store) that lights up faster and also burns a long time. Get even more heat from your fireplace by using a method similar to the Hot Water Radiator.

Tip: Place a piece of metal in the back of your fireplace and let it emit the heat back into your room. Ask for this at your local hardware store as well.

Wood Burning Stoves are another alternative to heating your home. See what the folks over at PondMountainInn in Vermont have to say about their Vintage Cook Stove vs a new Cast Iron stove.

Fireplace Safety Tips

Always use safety when using heating systems such as space heaters, fireplaces and hot water radiators and wood stoves around your children.

More Heating Safety Tips from the National Fire Protection Association

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Tis the Season For Giving: Letters to Santa Answered with the USPS Operation Santa Program Be An Elf

You can help a child in need by participating in the USPS Operation Santa Program and Be An Elf. From December 1st to just a few days before Christmas the USPS Operation Santa Program offers letters to the public written by children from low income households. This could be for clothes, toys, food and more. You choose a letter, buy and wrap the gift and mail it to the child.

There are currently 15 Post Offices participating – Here is the list of locations to see if one is near you…

If there is not a location near you, you can still help and Be An Elf.. Find out Here

This amazing Operation Santa program was started by the US Postal Service™ in 1912 and has never missed a year of spreading good will and kindness to make many children happy on Christmas.

Here is the link to the website for more information on how this works.

(BeAnElf is not affiliated with the USPS and depends on support of donations)

Merry Christmas!!






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How To Honey-Glazed Ham Recipe for The Holidays (Video)

Chef John from Food Wishes has put together a delicious recipe for a Crispy Honey Glazed Holiday Ham that you can serve anytime but would be perfect for Christmas Eve or Christmas Dinner. He makes a mixture of brown sugar, honey, mustard and more to glaze the ham with lots of flavor. He also has a few other tricks up his sleeve to make this the ham even more delectable, see that on the video!



For the recipe go to Crispy Honey-Glazed Ham – Looks, Tastes, and Sounds Like the Holidays



Thanks Chef John great job … Happy Holidays

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When and Why You Would Need Temporary Auto Insurance

Where a normal insurance policy is not always needed, temporary insurance can be purchased. It is usually used for a short period of time hence “temporary”.

This type of insurance can be a bit more costly then regular insurance but well worth it in case something could happen to the vehicle.

Here are some reasons why you would want to purchase temporary insurance.

Heading out on a vacation? Temporary insurance is a good idea if you are going to be driving a vehicle which is not yours, or a rental car to avoid some high rental company insurance fees. Check to see if your current auto policy covers rental cars, if not you may need the temporary auto insurance. Business travelers may purchase temporary auto insurance in conjunction with car rentals for work purposes.


Your son or daughter are home from college and needs to use your car or truck. Although the temporary auto insurance policy is more expensive than regular coverage on a month to month basis, using it for these limited periods can sometimes be far less expensive than including the student on a family’s policy.

Moving to a new home with friends helping out, and possibly driving your vehicle’s is another reason to be covered while in transit.

In each of the above situations, or in any circumstance you are buying a temporary auto insurance policy, be sure to check with your auto insurance company. Sometimes, temporary drivers of a vehicle may already be insured through the regular policy on the vehicle and your insurance may already cover you for Car Rentals.

Note that it is usually not possible to purchase temporary policies for situations where an individual is living in the same house as the policyholder.

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Do You Have The Right Insurance For Your Business Needs

Depending on your business needs, liability insurance can be purchased in many forms.

General Liability Insurance offers protection from third party claims in the case of a business being sued for something they may or may not have done. Injury claims, property damages, or advertising claims.

The liability coverage limits are set for what a business needs are by how much risk is involved.

When considering liability insurance for your business, first examine what type of business it is.

A manufacture that has a higher injury risk, because of say heavy machinery should purchase a policy with higher coverage. A smaller business with less risk or may want to go with a smaller policy.

Doctors require coverage to practice in certain states. Technology consultants often need coverage in independent contractor work arrangements. Depending on your profession, it may be a legal requirement to carry such a policy.

Employer liability is also known as worker’s comp, and it is a mandatory form of liability insurance coverage that all businesses must carry. While it sounds like it is intended to protect the employee, which it does to some degree, it is actually protection for the employer in case of injury, job related illness, or other damages for which the employee might sue the company.

Auto Liability insurance is one of the most popular options because it costs less than other coverage such as Full Coverage.

In the case of an accident, liability covers the other party’s losses, and protects you from being responsible. While this may save you from a law suit, it still leaves leaves you and your property vulnerable and you may have to pay out of pocket for your damages.

Full Coverage Insurance will pay for both your vehicle and the other vehicle involved in an accident as well, property damage and medical expenses for both parties. When you purchase a vehicle from a dealership and are making payments, it is required you have full coverage. This makes sense, because the company you purchased the vehicle from and you are covered and that is what insurance is all about, protection.