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Cold Weather Driving Emergencies Preparation Tips

id-100155943Here in Florida we prepare for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms but not snow or icy roads. But what if you were traveling or live up north,  would you be prepared if you are caught in a blizzard or very cold temperatures in your vehicle? The possibility of sitting for hours in the cold until help arrived is not something I would want to be unprepared for.

Be prepared ahead of time with what type of emergency supplies you should carry with you.

Tool Kit – jumper cables, flares, screwdrivers, wrench set,

First Aid Kit that is kept up to date

Flashlight and Extra Batteries, Glow Sticks and Candles

Extra pair of gloves, scarf, hat, hand warmers and emergency blanket

Fluorescent safety vest – in case you need to be outside of your vehicle you will be noticed

Emergency Power Pack – Provides back up power for your cell phones, and hand held devices

Folding Shovel

Ice Scraper

Kitty Litter – mixes with the snow to form clay and provide more traction if you get stuck.

LED safety strobe light

Paper towels and yes even a roll of toilet paper

Bottled Water

Protein Bars – make sure to replenish if not used and check expiration date

You can also buy winter weather (not an affiliate link) emergency kits online

Stay warm and safe on the road…



Photo Courtesy of Dr Joseph Valks at FreedigitalPhotos.net



Save Yourself the Trouble! Have Bodily Injury Protection on Your Auto Policy

Auto Insurance Tip: What Liability Coverage does for youBodily Injury (BI) Protection is not required to obtain a vehicle registration in Florida, what is required is PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and Property Damage. As soon as you put that vehicle on the road, you are now liable for any accident and injuries that you may cause, and that is where Bodily Injury Protection comes in.

Bodily Injury  Protection covers the other parties  injuries or death in case of an auto accident which you are responsible. It can also protect you in case of a lawsuit and legal defense. This coverage is not always required to carry auto insurance but more and more insurance companies will not sell you a policy without including it. With out (BI) you will have to have $30,000 or more tucked away  in case something does happen, to pay out of pocket for medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and more, to the injured party.  So does it make more sense to include that in your auto policy?

Yes, it does and here ‘s whys:

Not only will you have to hand over out of your pocket funds to the injured party, but without (BI) on your auto policy, you will have your drivers license suspended, and have to carry an  SR-22 certificate with to your policy for 3 years. Without the SR-22 you will not get your license back and be able to be an insured driver.

An SR-22 is a certificate used by the insurer to file the motorist’s policy with the state. You’ll need an SR-22  if you’ve had a problem with your drivers license, caused bodily injury to another person in an auto accident without coverage or not carrying auto insurance at all. This is a major part of your journey to get back the privilege of driving.

The SR-22 form is submitted by your auto insurance company to the Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility. This ensures that you have met the state of Florida’s liability limits. The state requires you to carry minimum liability limits of $30,000 in bodily injury protection per person. You will pay more for auto insurance because of marks on your driving record, plus you’ll pay a filing fee to submit the SR-22.

The only way you will not be responsible for damages and not have to put out all the money for the injured party is for them to sign a release form saying you are not liable.  Let me see, if you were in an accident and needed medical attention, time off from work because of the injuries, loss of money for medical bills and time off from work, plus time to recuperate, would you sign this form?

Another thought to ponder, the next time you want to take a friends vehicle out for a spin, to the store, your job or just around town, ask if they have bodily injury protection on their policy.  If they do not, and you do not own a vehicle (obviously you do not carry auto insurance) you the uninsured driver will be responsible in case of an accident causing (BI) to another party.  You will be required to take out an SR-22 certificate under a named non owner policy for 3 years to keep your license.

If you decide to take a friends vehicle out for a spin, and the owner of the vehicle does not have bodily injury protection on their vehicle, but you do have a vehicle and are insured with bodily injury protection, in the incident of an accident with (BI) the injured party would be covered under your insurance policy.

Save yourself the trouble! Be sure you have Bodily Injury Protection on your policy.

If you are required to file an SR-22, you will have to pay more for your auto insurance, but there’s no need to pay more than necessary. We can help you find the policy you need and assist you with filing for your SR-22.

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