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Can You Get A Ticket For Driving To Slow?

Yes, you can. You can get pulled over and get a ticket for driving to slow stating “Below minimum speed” as your offense.
Driving too slow is a block to the normal flow of traffic and getting a ticket for this is in the same ball park as getting a speeding ticket. Your fine and points will be determined from state to state. Simply put obstructing traffic by driving slowly is against the law and frustrating for other drivers.

There is a minimum speed limit just as there is a set speed limit on highways. If you ever notice people in the right hand lane have a tendency to drive slower then those in the left hand lane. A given rule on the road is while driving on a highway and you want to go faster then the other cars, move on over to the left lane to pas other drivers.

In Florida the minimum is 40 mph on highways with at least four lanes and the set speed limit is 55 mph. If you have a vehicle that cannot go the speed limit, moped head, scooter etc, then you cannot drive on these highways. Go with the flow just to be safe and avoid tickets that could impact your auto insurance.




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How To Keep Your Dog in Shape During Winter by Chaneys Used Cars

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ID-100134747The winter cold and snow makes it harder to take your dog out for walks or play in the yard for more time then you normally would. This can cause your dog to get out of shape and be bored. You can keep your dog active during the winter by doing things indoors that are fun for both of you.

Your dog should be walked at least once a day for fresh air, exercise and mental stimulation. Protect their paws with booties. The salt and other chemicals used on sidewalks and streets can be harmful. Make sure you remove the booties upon entering your home and rinse them off. For dogs with shorter hair, put on a sweater for them as well.

Play fetch up and down the staircase or play in the basement. You want the dog to have room to stretch its legs fetching and bringing back.

Have a treat or favorite toy you can hide for your dog to find. DoggieBuddy.com has some great ideas for this.

Give your dog a chew toy they can work on for a while to help with boredom. There are many to choose from online to your local pet store. You want a toy that has food in it that they have to work for.

On those snow days when you are stuck in the house, provides a great time to teach your dog new tricks and bond. Check out  Easy and Fun Dog Tricks

Indoor dog parks are another great way for your dog to interact with other dogs, get exercise and with out the could wintry weather. Take advantage of the obstacle course if available, which most indoor parks have.

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Highs and Lows of Ceiling Fans

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