New Years Resolutions Challenge – Inspire Your Goals For 2017

new-year-1925726_640It’s that time of year again, when we reflect on the past year and what we want to change in this brand new year coming up. How many New Years Resolutions do you want to set and how many do you intend on achieving? New goals, can help make this year better like focusing on eating healthier, losing weight, getting more organized or trying something new.

Put yourself to the challenge, don’t give up so easily in the second week of January, because the diet you started on New Years day has gotten old or cleaning out the garage is not quite finished. From being more organized, trying a new craft to saving for those pair of shoes you thought you could only dream of wearing, every day of 2017 can be a day closer to the goals you set for the new year and maybe a few you want to add on to your list.

We have put a board with ten pins to start with on Pinterest to help us visualize our goals called Inspire Me 2017.  There is plenty of inspiration at Pinterest… redecorating, recipes, crafts, travel, reading a new book, hair styles, and so much more.

We find this easier than following a list and checking things off. The photos do the talking.  Take a look at the board and maybe do one of your own. You can make your board private or share it with the world, who knows maybe one of your goals will inspire someone else and make their life better.


Happy New Year :}







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Summer Fun For Kids – Projects and Crafts for Free at ACMoore, Lowes and Michael’s

ID-100303162Schools out and summer vacation is here. While the kids are kept busy during the school year, its time for summer fun.  Lowes, AC Moore and Michaels awesome workshops just for kids.

Lowes offers kids workshops on Saturday mornings at 10:00 am to build a wood project. Your child will also receive a free apron, goggles, a project themed patch, and a certificate upon completion of their project. Make sure you register early, seats get full fast!
Go To

Michael’s and AC Moore offer free activities and tons of fun.
Go To The Knack on Michael’s website and choose from a Scavenger hunt you can print out, In Store Events, Birthday Parties and more.

For Classes and projects at AC Moore. Fill in your information at the Store Locator page and it will show the store near you then click on View Events. A calendar will pop up with the entire month to choose from.

Happy Summer!


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