Share The Love – Volunteer For Valentine’s Day

ValentineShare Valentine’s Day by volunteering in your community with co workers, family and friends. Take a little time for this day to bake up some Valentine cookies and cakes or you could purchase store bought treats and give them out with a special tag.

Take the family or a few friends and visit a nursing home in your area. Hand out flowers (a Carnation for each person) and Valentine cards. This does not have to be expensive and it will bring so much joy. (Call ahead to find out how many flowers and cards you will need and make an appointment.)

Visit someone who is under the weather with Valentines Day treats and offer to run errands for them.

Get your family and/or friends together and celebrate with a mini tea party. Serve hot tea and cookies. Have pretty paper, glue, scissors, paper dollies available to make old fashioned valentines day cards.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen for a few hours, be it washing dishes or serving up a meal, it will be appreciated.

Don’t forget our furry friends. Lend a hand at a community animal shelter or donate pet food or both.

Have a little brother or sister? Take them for the afternoon to a Children’s Museum or a favorite spot they like.

Check out our 50 Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes on Pinterest.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Photo Thank you

Pay It Forward with Johnson and Johnson Donate A Photo

53a1c3a4-9030-43bb-b47a-670d0ab5174dJohnson & Johnson company is helping to pay it forward to those in need and are calling for Photos to do this. They have set up a website, where you can donate a  photo and they will give $1.oo for every photo you submit to a Cause you choose on their site. The limit is one photo per day.

Your Photo’s can make a difference in a child’s life.

Protect a child from bullying

Help a Newborn baby breath

Help Kids play sports safely

Send a Student to Nursing School

Help a Village have clean water

and many more…

You can download the free App for your  iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and it is optimized for iPhone 5.

How many photo’s do you have already on your phone that you can share? Or take new ones and save them just for a Cause.  Start sending photos to make a difference in the world today and share on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Great idea Johnson & Johnson!