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Insurance Coverage for Commercial Boats


Whether you are a commercial fisherman or run a site seeing tour you want to be sure you, your boat and passengers are protected with commercial boat insurance.

Commercial boat business have a lot responsibility and have vulnerabilities such as exposure to the elements and possibility of fire, sinking and collision with other boats.

Because of the exposure to natural disasters and the dangers of things that could go wrong, the commercial boat business requires commercial boat insurance coverage.

With commercial boat insurance coverage, if any injury or damage happens to the boat no matter if it was caused by and accident or a third party. If your boat were to sink or catch fire, these actions are considered as emergencies and commercial boat insurance should cover for towing the boat. Keep your receipts for the expenses to show your insurance company to be reimbursed.

Not only do you need to check your coverage for natural disaster, fire, collision etc, be sure to check for coverage for repair of the motor or other minor repairs and also coverage for the transporting trailer that is used to transport the boat.

A few tips to consider when looking for the cheapest quote:

Having a clean history without any past accidents on the water.

Do you have any training certificates to show, safety, navigation, etc.

Safety equipment on your boat and keeping your boat updated can help to get a lower premium.

Boating for fun or for your business, be sure you are covered today.


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