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How to Avoid Common Gardening Mistakes


The arrival of Spring in Florida is a great time to start gardening. Time to get out and plan for soil, fertilizer, plants, seed and garden tools. There is more to a garden then just starting though, it also entails maintaining it. Buy now if you started your planting in March, you should have some plants that are already producing a small harvest for you, especially if you planted green beans. They are a great plant to start your kids with gardening because they pop up quickly and produce within a month to six weeks depending on what type of green bean you plant.

Over a Mother Earth News, they have written a great article on how to avoid common gardening mistakes that may help you with your garden.

Check that out Here.

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How to Grow The Best Tomatoes With Roots and Refuge Farm Gardening Tips

Spring is here with Summer just around the corner and its time to get those gardens in shape. One thing to plant in Florida every year is tomatoes. Salads to sandwiches their always a hit!

Jess from Roots and Refuge Farm love tomatoes and has great information to help you grow the best tomatoes this spring and summer.

She absolutely has a passion for gardening and it shows in all the amazing knowledge she passes along. Visit her channel on youtube Here to learn more about other things she grows too!

Thank you Jess! Looking forward to more tips!

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Save Money With These Gardening Tips

ID-100270280Starting your garden by planting seeds? Head on over or call your local library first. Libraries are implementing a program for seed rental. You rent a package of seeds, plant them and when the plant has matured, pay it forward to the library by bringing back seeds from that plant. If your library does not offer this program, why not ask them to and be the first to donate seeds.

For plants that are already established from little too big. Many garden enthusiasts may be redesigning or thinning out their garden and have an overflow of plants they want to give away. Check out Craigslist.org and put free plants in the search box for your area. You may see some plants for sale from local farmers that are at a good price and free plants. Also Freecycle.org allows you to search in your area and even post a wanted ad for free plants, mulch etc. Speaking of mulch, look for a local tree trimmer who may not mind driving by your house and giving you mulch for your garden.

Howdy Neighbor

Talk to your neighbors about plant cuttings and plants they do not want. Once a neighbor came over with a small Banana plant she did not want anymore and dug up from her yard. Also, if they are trimming trees, collect the leaves and branches to make mulch and compost. (Check to make sure what they are cutting down can be used for mulch and compost.)

Yes, you can have a plant Guarantee

Your local garden centers like Lowes and Home Depot may offer a one-year guarantee on perennial plants. If the plant does not make it the entire year, take it back with your receipt.

If you garden, you need tools

You can make your gathering of garden plants and all the extra’s all in one place or you can check out your local dollar stores for things like, gloves, tomato cages, shovels, hoses, planters and even potting soil that may be cheaper.

Check out another garden post that you may find helpful Companion Planting

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