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Healthy Benefits in Fruits and Vegetables


There was a reason Mom said eat your vegetables when you were a kid. Mom knew how good they were for you to give you the vitamins an nutrients you needed to grow. Broccoli is called little trees for some Mom’s to encourage their kids to eat their veggies. Not everyone likes these veggies even into adulthood and there are alternatives.

Apples and Banana’s – help blood flow in the brain and according to a study done in the Netherlands, they can prevent strokes by 52%.  Apples also are rich in flavonids that improve insulin sensitivity which help lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes says the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Button Mushrooms – These delicious morsels power your immune system and help prevent colds and the Flu by generating virus destroying T Cells in your blood system.

Green Cabbage also is a great deterrent for colds and flu because of the Geutamine and amino acids aiding your immune system. Use it in Coleslaw, as a sautéed side dish or in your soups and stews.

Cauliflower the cousin of Broccoli, can cut your cancer risk according to an Oregon State University research. The cancer fighting ingredient Sulforaphane found in cauliflower and broccoli can attack cancer cells in two ways at the same time. Eat is raw for the most benefits. Cooking it too much will destroy the Sulforaphane.

Good Ole Potatoes – Who doesn’t like Potatoes? Mashed, Baked, Fried, Boiled, they are a great staple for most meals. The researchers over at the University of Washington have another important reason you should eat Potatoes, they are good for your heart. Potatoes are loaded with Potassium as are Banana’s which helps to lower blood pressure. They are also a great go to for  Vitamin C that cuts plaque buildup in the heart vessels.

You will probably want to keep mints on hand for these! Onions and Garlic – The Medical university of South Carolina says eating onions and garlic puts your at a lower risk for Ostearthritis then any other fruit or vegetable. They have a compound Disulphide that protects your joints from wear and tear that can cause Ostearthritis.

Eat up and eat healthy!

#this is not medical advise. If you are suffering from an ailment of any sort, contact a doctor.




Photo Courtesy of Suat Eman at FreeDigtialPhotos.net