Do You Have These Important Coverages on Your Insurance Policies

If you own a home you have homeowners insurance, if you own a vehicle you have auto insurance. We all pretty much know the basics of these policies but your Homeowners and Auto Insurance may offer more then you think.

Identity Theft

On the rise, hackers are on the hunt for information you may have stored in your computer. Once hacked in, these criminals can take your credit card, debit card, social security information and more. Once this is done, you will now be spending your time fixing your credit and reputation.

Under your homeowners policy you can report Identity theft and get help. Coverage limits vary, so contact a homeowners insurance agent to find out if you have it or can add it for a small fee and what coverage is best for you.

Off To College

If you child is a college student living in a dorm, our homeowners policy can cover them for any items such as a laptop, if it is stolen. If you child is still a dependent the dorm is considered an extension of your home and so the coverage applies. Before your child moves in take pictures of any valuable items and keep in a folder. If other valuable items are purchased after they move in be sure to keep pictures of them also in case you need to make a claim.

Roadside Assistance

Flat tire, break down or locking your keys in the car, you need roadside assistance and this can be costly. Ask your auto insurance agent if roadside assistance is available on your policy. If not, you can probably add it for a small fee.

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Don’t Be Fooled – Scammers Are Calling About Your Utility Bill

scamalertYour in a situation where the lights go out and how often did your hear someone say”who did not  pay the bill?” Come home to find out the water is turned off, the gas stove does not light up and then it crosses your mind, “did I pay the bill?” That is normally after a few late notices, and this is how you find out the utility company wants their payment. Its the hard way of knowing not to mention the late fee and fee for them to turn your utility back on in most cases.

Sure it would be nice to get a phone call or text message to give you a heads up, and that is exactly what the utility scammers are doing. Scammers are calling people saying they are from your utility company and that your lights, water, etc are going to be turned off if you do not make a payment right away. They then ask for your credit card or bank info. Once you have given them this information you just opened the door for them to steal from you.

Instead, hang up and call the utility company (using the phone number on your bill)  to see if you are late on a payment or if there is a problem.  If you account is overdue you can take care of it right away, whether it be for an extension or payment and know that you are giving the right people your money.

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Surprising Money Saving Deals at The Library

LibraryGrab your library card and head to the library for saving on Electronics, Books, Subscriptions and more! Your local library is filled with more then books, these days most library’s are keeping up with technology and this could save your money.

Looking for a Job?

Most libraries have an expanded career service that could include a resources at little or no cost to you. Not sure how to write a good resume? Use your local libraries resume writing software for free. Ask if they also have an assistance who does workshops (could be a local business person) teaching how to get through an interview successfully.

Subscriptions/Memberships Online

Doing your family tree or wanting to learn a new language could get costly and require a monthly fee on websites. Contact your library and see if they already have subscriptions or memberships to sites your interested in with subscriptions. Take some time at the library to do your research on these sites and save yourself the fee.


Most libraries are not only letting you check out the books and movies but electronics like e-readers, camera, laptops and more. Another plus they also can offer free training on how to use that product. Why go an purchase one of these items if you are only going to use it for a project or a couple of times.  Also, if you are looking to purchase one of these digital items and not sure what is going to work best for you, great way to try out the product first.

Throw a Great Book Club Meeting

What better place to learn about how to have a book club and make it fun. Many libraries can help you with a book club kit that can include copies of the book for your group, a DVD related to the book and a discussion guide. Contact your library to see if they carry this and if not ask them if they would, not only will this benefit you but the library as well to attract more people.

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When Your Clothes Dryer Becomes a Fire Hazard

ID-10045474Have you noticed a difference in the performance in your dryer? Are your clothes taking longer to dry or come out hot but still damp when the timer goes off that they are done? You may have a clogged dryer vent and that can lead to shutting down your dryer, or worse a fire..

A friend of mine noticed that her clothes were taking longer to dry over the past month and when doing laundry the other day, the dryer just shut down. The dryer is only 2 years old and this could have been prevented. She contacted an appliance repair company who came out and told her the motor had burned up. The cause, blocked dryer vent that goes up through the attic to the outside the top of the roof.

This happened because when lint builds up in the dryer or in the exhaust duct, it causes excessive heat to build up and in this instance the dryer motor shut down. What could have been worse, if the motor had not shut down it could have resulted in a fire that could get out of control very quickly.

Instead of replacing the dryer, and having the motor replaced, the cost of repair still exceeded the price of having a dryer vent maintenance check. Having this done at least once a year will give you peace of mind for the safety of your home and family, maintaining the care of your dryer and less out of pocket expense.

If you have a laundry room that has the dryer vent go up through the attic and out through the roof,  or you notice the same problems as the warning signs below check your dryer vent and consider a maintenance check on that vent. The repair comapany informed her to  have it cleaned out every six months (depending on how often you use your dryer), to at least once a year.

Here are some warning signs you should look out for.

Clothes taking longer to dry

Dryer is very hot on top

Very little or no lint in the lint trap

Dryer stopping anytime during a drying cycle

Lint left on clothing

Moldy odor from clothes

Higher Light Bill from running the dryer more

Here is a list of things you can do to help cut down on the lint build up.
(This does not assure build up will not occur and a 6 Months to a Yearly maintenance check is still advisable).

Check your lint screen before and after each load of clothes to dry and clean thoroughly

Keep dryer area free of clutter and piles of clothes on top of dryer

Clean behind and underneath the dryer for lint build up

Replace flexible tubes with ridged metal ducts to get less build up, clean up easier and will stand up to a lint fire much better

Wash clothes that have been soiled with gasoline, cooking oil or other flammable liquid at least 2 times. Hang dry. Your dryer could start and auto ignition reaction that could cause a fire.

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Your Home For Sale – Stage It – Price It – Sell It

ID-100306644If you are considering putting your home up for sale, follow along with these tips to help you get a better edge of the sale.

One of the first things you should consider is to contact a real estate agent.  Set up interviews and see who you think will work the best for you, personality wise and their experience.  Ask them to bring you a list of the homes they have sold in the past 6 months to a year, and then do a comparison to your home. What style homes did they sell, the location and the price.  Do not be in a hurry, check out their Facebook, website and background. You are not committed to a Realtor until you have signed the contract to hire them. Once you do that, you are committed for up to 6 months on some contracts and they get up to 6% commission of the selling price of your home.

Compare Your Home For the Right Price

Do your homework. Go online and look up homes that have sold in your area and that are comparable to your home. Try to stay as close as possible to the bedroom and bathroom count. One story or two, pools etc. Your real estate agent should be able to provide you with comparables  in your neighborhood and whether they are short sales or regular sales. Once you have a price average for your area, you may want to bring your price down just a bit to attract buyers. Or you can offer to pay part of the closing cost as another incentive. Your Realtor can help you with this.

Showing It Off

Home Staging is a must for presentation and bringing out the best of your home. Walk around your home and make notes of specialties or things that attracted you to the home. Is it the beautiful deck you added on to the pool area? New Air Conditioner, added on room or simply the style itself that makes living there so cozy. Ask some friends over and to give their thoughts on your home. This will come in handy later for pointing out the attributes to the potential buyer, the listing and a virtual tour.

Clean, clean, clean! There is nothing worse than someone coming in to look your house over and having to stumble over clutter or want to hold their nose from a bad odor. Do a through cleaning from top to bottom. Add fresh flowers, candles that are mild in perfume to various rooms.  Hide the kitty litter box, pets water and food bowls and have pets outside if possible. Someone allergic to animals will not want to stay.

Windows – Give them a good cleaning inside and out. Open the blinds, curtains and shutters and let in natural light all over the house. Having a showing at night? Replace your light bulbs with a higher watt bulb.

Bedrooms – make sure they are clutter free and the beds are made. Clear off the night stands and bureau’s of any papers, books, make-up etc. Put kids toys in the closet and give the room a neat appearance. Think of a hotel room when you walk in. Only the necessities should be showing.  Open the curtains and let in the natural light.

Bathrooms – clear off any make-up, medicine, tooth brushes, toothpaste, mouthwash etc and make the sink and bathtub clutter free and shine. Add fresh towels and clean shower door or curtain. Don’t forget to shine up the faucets and mirror too.

Kitchen – Open up the counter space by removing appliances like toasters, blenders, food processors etc and putting them in a cupboard. Wipe down the cupboard, counters, sink, etc and make what needs to shine, shine. Take down any magnets, pictures or kids art work off the refrigerator and give it a clean look. Give the inside of the  oven and stove top a good cleaning as well as the microwave. Yes, the buyers may want to peek inside these.

Living Area – Fluff up those pillows on the sofa, clean any rugs and carpet. Dust the furniture and check to see if the drapes, shutters or blinds need a good cleaning or maybe fresh paint added on those shutters. If you have glass doors, make them clean or if its a nice day open them up.

First Impressions

From the moment your potential buyer steps out of their vehicle, they are accessing your home. Make that first impression count and be welcoming. Have your landscape well manicured and kept up for the duration of your home on the market. Bushes trimmed, grass mowed and walkways edged and any flower or veggie planter boxes are full and pretty. When they walk up to your front door, have an attractive knocker or door bell and be sure that front door is appealing. A fresh coat of paint will make all the difference. Something we may not think is important may be to the buyer. Even upgrading the numbers on your house can make a difference.

Tell the World

The notes you have made about your home and the staging all done, its time to take pictures and video. Your real estate agent should be able to help you with these two very important details. Pictures and video should be clear and show off your home inside and out to its best. Add as many pictures as you can to your listing and other places online. With the Internet at our fingertips, more and more buyers are going online to search for homes and you do not want to miss out on this opportunity to show off yours. Your real estate agent will include you in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and there are more places online like, Trulia,, Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate to name a few. Don’t forget Craigslist and Facebook, Twitter and where you share on Social Media sites.

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