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Surprising Money Saving Deals at The Library

LibraryGrab your library card and head to the library for saving on Electronics, Books, Subscriptions and more! Your local library is filled with more then books, these days most library’s are keeping up with technology and this could save your money.

Looking for a Job?

Most libraries have an expanded career service that could include a resources at little or no cost to you. Not sure how to write a good resume? Use your local libraries resume writing software for free. Ask if they also have an assistance who does workshops (could be a local business person) teaching how to get through an interview successfully.

Subscriptions/Memberships Online

Doing your family tree or wanting to learn a new language could get costly and require a monthly fee on websites. Contact your library and see if they already have subscriptions or memberships to sites your interested in with subscriptions. Take some time at the library to do your research on these sites and save yourself the fee.


Most libraries are not only letting you check out the books and movies but electronics like e-readers, camera, laptops and more. Another plus they also can offer free training on how to use that product. Why go an purchase one of these items if you are only going to use it for a project or a couple of times.  Also, if you are looking to purchase one of these digital items and not sure what is going to work best for you, great way to try out the product first.

Throw a Great Book Club Meeting

What better place to learn about how to have a book club and make it fun. Many libraries can help you with a book club kit that can include copies of the book for your group, a DVD related to the book and a discussion guide. Contact your library to see if they carry this and if not ask them if they would, not only will this benefit you but the library as well to attract more people.

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