How To Make a Cheese Platter To Serve At Your Oscars Party – Clinton Kelly – The Chew

Clinton Kelly from The Chew shows you how to make a  cheese plate for your Oscars‬ party spread.


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How To Host Your Own Oscar Party

ID-100230068This Sunday March 2, 2014 on ABC at 7:00 pm ET  is the annual 86th Academy Awards (Oscar Awards) hosted by very funny and much loved Ellen Degeneres.

For this special night why not invite family and friends to enjoy the Oscars with you. Make your party full of glitz and glamor by starting with the invitations?

Head on over to Evite where you can make them up just for the award show. You could also text your guest with an RSVP. Let them know that they do not have to stay for the entire show, since it can go quite late.

Setting Up the Party

This does not have to cost you a lot of money. You can save by buying supplies at a dollar store, like  paper plates, napkins, cups, spoons forks etc to fit your theme. You may even find your garland to hang from the ceiling and balloons.

First you want to make sure you have enough comfortable sitting places for each person with a good view of the TV and accessible to a snack table. When the awards get started and everyone is seated dim the lights a little but not too dark, you want your guest to be able to move around to the snack table or converse freely.

Decorate this area whether it be your den, living room etc with balloons and banners in Gold (for Oscar) and Black for the black tie theme.

Have a basket of goodies your guest can wear like, costume jewelry (get at any thrift store) black bow ties that pin on, boa’s, tiara’s etc

Just for fun, have a red runner you can put down at your entrance for your guest to walk on and get a photo as they come in.

Have a ballot ready for each person and you can print them out Here. Have plenty of pencils and you may want to include a clipboard for each ballot. Decorate your ballot table with star confetti .

Good Eats

Serve finger foods at a snack table (buffet) with your plates, cups, plastic or silverware. If you are going to serve champagne or wine, put little bow ties on the stems to keep up with your theme.

For the movie theater theme, serve popcorn, movie theater box size candy, pizza, and soda’s.

If want another assortment of snacks, here are a few recipes you and your guest might enjoy:

Bacon and Spinach Mini Quiche Appetizer– these are so easy to make and a big hit!

 Lara Spencer’s Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip – as seen on the Rachael Ray talk show

Seasoned Popcorn – add a bit of flair to standard popcorn

Instant Party Mix

Mini Black Bottom Cheesecakes

Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe – This can be made with or without Rum

Fizzy Sorbet Cocktail – easy to make with Sorbet and Champagne

9 Oscar Snacks Based on Best Picture Nominations

You may want to put out some cut up fresh fruit and a veggie platter and if you have friends who are Vegan or Vegetarian some dishes for them to enjoy as well.

Choose your menu a couple of days before the Oscar’s so you will also know what supplies you will need and what beverages you will want to serve with alcohol and non alcohol.

Have your guest arrive about 30-40 minutes before the awards to get situated and see who is on the red carpet.


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