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Repair Shop or Mechanical Problems Auto Insurance Coverage

Will My Insurance company pay the Mechanic for the Repairs?

There are exclusions in your auto insurance policy to deny coverage for wear and tear, mechanical or electrical failure, damage to tires and essentially everyday use not deterioration of your vehicle. What your policy is intended for, to provide you coverage for accidents, or theft.

The exception for wear and tear would be if your vehicle is stolen and an accident occurs in say a police chase, you would be covered.

But what if, the Mechanic Damages Your Car while in Repair?

Your car has been repaired and ready to go, but the mechanic put a ding in your back bumper while on a test run. What do you do?

First do not call your insurance company, you personal auto insurance will not cover this because of a restriction called no “benefit to bailee”. The bailee is the mechanic or anyone who has possession of your car for the purpose of fixing it. The bailor is you and the bailment is the contract between you and the shop to fix your car.

The one calling their insurance company will be the repair shop owner. They will need to file a claim on their business insurance (garage keeper policy) which pays for damage to customer’s vehicles when under the repair shops care. Even if they have the type of garage keepers coverage that only pays if they are legally liable, you should have a valid claim.

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