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Non Profit Helping Families Feed Their Pets – Pet Food Stamps

catanddogWhat an incredible organization for feeding hungry pets across the United States.  This non profit organization is privately funded and does accept donations.

In February 2013  Pet Food Stamps organization opened and since has received over 160,000 applications from all over the United States asking for assistance to feed their pets.  According to Mark Ocon, founder of Pet Food Stamps, as told to CBS news,  “there are many programs set up to help people but very few to help pets”.  He also states that “hundreds of thousands of pets are put to sleep every years, because their owners cannot afford to feed them”.

Here how it works:

Pet Food Stamps has joined up with PetFlow a pet food delivery company, who has approximately 200 brands to choose from for feeding your pet.  Once you are accepted into the Pet Food Stamps program PetFlow will provide  free monthly home delivery services of pet food for what you qualify for.

If you or someone you know is having difficulty affording pet food head on over to PetsFoodStamps.org and fill out their application. You will find out in approximately three weeks if you qualify.

If you would like to make a donation Click Here

See the Interview with CBS News Here

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