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Valentines Day Recipes – DIY Cards and Crafts

Get creative idea’s for Valentines’ Day with this collection of links that has cards, craft gift idea’s and recipes to help you celebrate!

Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards – Bunnycakes.com – cute cards with messages like QT pie, Ur Cute etc.

Gift Tags Made With Love  – Eighteen25.com – Gift tags for homemade cookies or other gifts you want to give in a jar.

Bingo Valentine Cards – SimplyFreshDesigns.com – Six 5×7 Valentine’s printable cards and game piece sheet you can download in a PDF file.

Lollipop Flower Valentine – SkipToMyLou.com – Easy to make from card stock your Valentines favorite lollipop. Download PDF, print and cut out.

Valentine’s Day Party Hats – MrPrintables.com – Red and White heart patterns make these easy to make hats perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Love Me Tender Valentine Print Trio – SweetRoseStudio.com – 5×7 printable to put into picture frames for home decor

Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts – Pizzazzerie.com – Great ideas for DIY

Check out our 50 Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes on Pinterest.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How To Make Take To School Lunches Extra Special

ID-100172719If you pack school lunches you know that your child is getting a well balanced meal to carry them through the rest of their school day.  Plan some surprises included in their lunches to give them a smile.

Here are some idea’s to get your creativity going…

You could write on a napkin or a note card to let them know you are thinking of them with a smiley face and a special saying. You could also Give them something to look forward by writing about an after school activity they would enjoy like, “Making cookies after school and need my helper”, etc. Make them laugh by including a joke or a riddle to figure out. You can get jokes, riddles and so much more learning activities at Ducksters.com and EnchantedLearning.com.

Packing fruit? Write a note on a banana. Simply take a toothpick and write or draw on the skin part of the banana. As the oxidation takes place during the day, by the time your little on opens their lunch box, the words or drawing will be darker and easy to read.  The banana will not be affected as long as you do not go to deep with the toothpick.

Kids love finger foods and you can make them fun by cutting shapes out of their sandwiches and some fruits. Give them hearts, stars, half moons, animals shapes and seasonal figures like snowmen with cookie cutters. Cut out shapes from watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe and more.  Food that looks fun and appetizing will be intriguing to them and for those healthy foods that you want them to eat but they are not to crazy about, cut them into shapes or and your chances will better.

For more ideas for packing healthy school lunches go to Momables.com where they Allergy and Gluten Free Recipes and more.





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