How To Keep Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Up To Date To Save Money

housewithfenceResidential coverage protects against damage to or destruction of your residential structure. If your home is destroyed by a tornado, fire, or what disasters your policy covers, the insurance company can completely replace or cover the repairs to your home.

In this section of coverage, the most important reason to keep your homeowner’s insurance policy updated is because, in the event of disaster, the insurance company will only reimburse you for what your home is insured for, what you have on the policy.

For example, you purchased your home and homeowner’s insurance say five years ago. It is very likely the value of your home has increased since the purchase date. If you purchased the home insurance policy five years ago and have not updated the policy to the home’s current cost to rebuild, the insurance company will only reimburse you for the price you paid five years ago. So, if you purchased the home for $300,000 and the value has increased to $400,000, you’re losing $100,000 – quite a large sum.

In the end, it is essential to keep your homeowner’s insurance policy updated because you want to be sure your home is insured for 100 percent of the replacement cost. (Some policies automatically update to your home’s current value. Does yours?) While it is easy to let that dust settle over your policy from year to year, keep in mind that putting it aside could cost you much more in the end. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may make heavy reading, but it will be even more burdensome should it be out-of-date.

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Highs and Lows of Ceiling Fans

Good ideas for using Ceiling Fans… a must have in Florida

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ID-10032858In Florida Ceiling Fans are more then likely in many homes, offices and restaurants. For the homes, most have these fans in every bedroom, living room, den, kitchen/dining rooms and of course porches. Restaurants use them to help circulate the air and give a pleasant dining experience when it is hot outside.

With the Summer heat rolling in around June and lasting until at least October, these fans keep us cool along with the air conditioners that run through out these months. When using a Ceiling Fan you can raise your a/c thermostat a couple of degrees and save up to eight percent of your electric bill.

How does this work? A ceiling fan does not give off cool air unless the air is cool. It simply moves the air around you even if that is hot summer air. What this does is evaporates perspiration on your skin when you…

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