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How To Throw a Fondue Party Plus Recipes

fondue-708185_640If you want to have a party where every person is participating and having a good time, Fondue is the way to go. The combination of yummy dippers with delicious cheese or chocolate sauces is what makes Fondue so good.

Fondue started as a melted cheese with wine served in a hot pot that everyone can dip into and can be dated back as early as 1699 from a book published in Zurich. The recipe called for grated cheese melted with wine and bread as a dipper.

It became popular in the 1930’s when the Swiss Cheese Union promoted Swiss cheese as a national dish along with chocolate fondue. By the 1950’s Fondue became more then Swiss cheese and bread dipping to other dishes like dessert fondue with that you dipped fruit into and hot oil in which to cook meat. It became popular in the United States in the 1960’s.

Today there are many combinations for making a Fondue sauce and dippers that just about anyone can find what they like. The folks over at TipNut.com they have lots of recipe combination to choose from. Don’t have a fondue pot? They suggest a crock pot instead. Check out their tips and all their delicious Fondue Recipes Here.






Photo Courtesy of Efraimstochter at Pixabay.com