25 Plants who love Shade and how to find your Garden zone

Have empty spots in your yard where nothing will grow because of lack of sunlight? From blooming flowers to plants that have beautiful leaves, Garden Lovers Club gives you 25 plant ideas to choose from for those shady parts of your yard.

See their article Here

Want to know what grows best in your local area? Click Here and enter your zip code. Once you know what zone you live in then you get the plants or seeds you need.

You can shop from local farmers for seeds, plants, food and more. Check out Local Harvest and enter your city and state.

Happy Gardening!

Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts – Dinner, Treats and Dessert Recipes


Easter Fun is on the way for young and old with these great ideas for Easter Egg Hunts, what to serve for Dinner and Desserts that will be sure to be delicious.

Check them out on our boards for Easter over at Pinterest.

Easter Egg Hunt Idea’s

Easter Basket Idea’s

Easter Appetizers to Dinner and Sides Idea’s

Easter Dessert Recipes

Sunday’s Coming Video – Story of Jesus Good Friday – Easter

Happy Easter to you and your family from ours.

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How To Do It Yourself (DIY) Produce Storage Bins

Need to make more storage in your kitchen? Mother Earth News has a great DIY idea for inexpensive and stackable produce storage bins.

They show you how to build storage bins from crates short and tall and even add casters to the bases so you can move them anywhere you like.

Click Here to Learn How To Make These Storage Bins 


Photo Courtesy of dbreen at Pixabay.com

Girl Scout Cookies 2022 Find a Location Near You

Who can’t resist a box of Girl Scout cookies! It’s that time of year again, and the Girl Scouts will be selling delicious cookies in a variety of flavors. This year there is a new cookie on the menu is Adventurefuls. It is a brownie-inspired with a caramel-flavored creme with just a dash of sea salt. If you are looking for a gluten free cookie, check out the Trios gluten free peanut butter oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips and Toffee Tastic butter cookie with bits of toffee throughout.

Did you know that the girl’s scout’s organization is one hundred and four years old? Julliette “Daisy” Gordon invited 18 girls in Savannah, Georgia, on March 12, 1912, to attend the first Girl Scout meeting. See the History here.

In 1917 girls and their mothers started baking cookies to help raise money for the troop’s activities. In 1922 Florence E. Neil came up with a cookie recipe and the suggested price to sell the cookies were twenty-five to thirty cents a dozen.

On March 16, 1950, Congress chartered Girl Scouts of America and as of today over 59 million women in America have been a girl scout when they were a child. Read more about that here
Support the Girl Scouts! Not only do you get yummy cookies but the benefits of purchasing them for the Girl Scouts is wonderful. See Why Here

Go here to help you find where the cookies are going to be sold in your area. You can put in your zip code and find out when and where the sales will start. You can also download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder App at iTunes or Apple.com. This App uses your IPhone GPS to find the where the cookies are sold and what cookies are available for your location.



Photo Courtesy of Fotolounge at pixabay.com

DIY Cards, Crafts and Recipe Idea’s for Valentine’s Day

Get creative ideas for Valentines’ Day with this collection of links that has cards, craft gift ideas and recipes to help you celebrate!

Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards – Bunnycakes.com – cute cards with messages like QT pie, Ur Cute etc.

Gift Tags Made With Love  – Eighteen25.com – Gift tags for homemade cookies or other gifts you want to give in a jar.

Bingo Valentine Cards – SimplyFreshDesigns.com – Six 5×7 Valentine’s printable cards and game piece sheet you can download in a PDF file.

Lollipop Flower Valentine – SkipToMyLou.com – Easy to make from card stock your Valentines favorite lollipop. Download PDF, print and cut out.

Love Me Tender Valentine Print Trio – SweetRoseStudio.com – 5×7 printable to put into picture frames for home decor

Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts – Pizzazzerie.com – Great ideas for DIY

Check out our 50 Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes on Pinterest.

Happy Valentine’s Day!