Tips to help keep your Home Maintained

When you drive or walk through your neighborhood, it is easy to see which homes are being maintained and which are not. Maintained homes aren’t perfect, but you can see fresh paint, no cracks or holes in the walkway or driveway, clean windows and no overgrown trees or hedges.

Yearly and seasonal maintenance of your home helps to retain its value and prevent problems in the future. Some repairs can help keep your Homeowners Insurance policy from increasing when they include safety issues such as fires.

It’s helpful to keep a checklist of what you must do to maintain your home:

  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors. A good way to remember to do this is when we change the clocks for daylight savings time.
  • Clean the dryer vent.
  • Vacuum the coils of your refrigerator.
  • Clean and check the screens on your windows and doors.
  • Check and maintain your air conditioning system yearly.
  • Have your septic system cleaned out professionally. This should be done every year – every 3 years. Ask what schedule you should keep.
  • Inspect your roof, chimney, gutters, etc. Again, a professional can do this, or you can do it yourself. Some homeowners do it every year then have a professional come in on the 3rd year for example.
  • Check your foundation for cracks and soil for unusual holes. This can mean there is a sinkhole starting.
  • Inspect your walkway and driveway and repair any cracks or holes.
  • Check your doors and windows for to see if they close properly or if they need to be re-sealed.
  • Have an inspection done for insects especially termites.
  • Check the expiration date on fire extinguishers and replace them as needed. Keep the expiration dates on your calendar.
  • Remove and clear any tree branches that hang over your home or your neighbor’s home.
  • Remove anything that can be caught up by the wind during hurricane season and store it indoors.
  • Inspect your attic for openings.

When using professional services, be sure to do a check to see if the person or company is licensed and certified to do the work you have hired them to do.


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Goodbye 2021 Happy New Year 2022 Goal Inspiration

It’s that time of year again, when we reflect on the past year and what we want to change in this brand-new year coming up. While 2020 offered many challenges and Covid-19 a new year is welcome.

How many New Year’s Resolutions do you want to set and how many do you intend on achieving? New goals, can help make this year better like focusing on eating healthier, losing weight, getting more organized or trying something new.

Put yourself to the challenge, don’t give up so easily in the second week of January, because the diet you started on New Year’s Day has gotten old or cleaning out the garage is not quite finished. From being more organized, trying a new craft to saving for those pair of shoes you thought you could only dream of wearing, every day of 2021 can be a day closer to the goals you set for the new year and maybe a few you want to add on to your list.

We have put a board to start with on Pinterest to help us visualize our goals called Inspiration for 2022.  There is plenty of inspiration at Pinterest… redecorating, recipes, crafts, travel, reading a new book, hair styles, and so much more.

We find this easier than following a list and checking things off. The photos do the talking.  Take a look at the board and maybe do one of your own. You can make your board private or share it with the world, who knows maybe one of your goals will inspire someone else and make their life better.


Happy New Year :}


Renting Out Your Property? Get These Landlord Rental Insurance Tips First

rental insurance floridaIf you are looking to rent out your home, you need Landlord coverage which is different than your regular home insurance and offers you the coverage you need.

Here are some of the requirements to consider:

Cover loss for reconstruction limits.

Make sure you insure your home for the total cost to rebuild. If there were a hurricane, fire or other devastation to your property you want to be sure your policy will pay for it and not out of your pocket. The same is true for separate structures that may be on your property such as a detached garage. Be sure to ask about the inclusion of Flood or Earthquake coverage for your policy.


This is one of the top priorities to consider when renting. One if the home is in great condition, it is more attractive to rent out. Two, keeping your home up to date and safe can help you to avoid a lawsuit from your tenant or a guest in case something should occur.

Follow that Building Code!

In case of a loss to your property and repairs are needed, have an inspection to be sure your building code is up to date. Your policy will not cover your costs unless specifically stated that way in the policy, these are considered mandatory upgrades.

Loss of Rent

If something should happen to your home that makes it uninhabitable and will take time for repairs, you will lose your tenets and rent check for that time. Getting this on your coverage will protect you and keep you going until the home can be rented out safely.

Coverage of landlord’s items on or in the property.

While tenets should get Renters Insurance to cover their personal belongings, a landlord should also have coverage for whatever belongs to landlord, such as the refrigerator, stove etc. Ask about this coverage since it is separate from the structure coverage. As a landlord you are not responsible for your tenants’ personal items.

Legalities and Lawsuits

Your landlord insurance policy is designed to cover legal issues between you and your tenants, property and fees for judgments for lawsuits over libel, slander, discrimination, unlawful eviction, invasion of privacy and more.

If you are considering renting out your property, make sure you have the right coverage.

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How To Easily Use Candles to Brighten up your Christmas Decor


Candles can be a great way to decorate for the holidays and can be inexpensive to do. You can display candles on a fireplace mantel along with your garland or use them on coffee tables, at your entrance and of course the dining table where you will enjoy a holiday feast.

The has wonderful ways to decorate with candles and offers links with even more amazing information.

Head on over to their article for Easy and Elegant Christmas Candle Decorating Ideas

Better Homes and Gardens also offer pretty ways to decorate with their Easy Christmas Candle Displays and you can find those ideas Here!

Safety Tips:
Do not burn candles unattended
Do not allow candles to burn in a draft
Keep candles away from reach for children and pets
Keep away for all flammable objects


Merry Christmas!

Try These Easy DIY Homemade Gifts in a Jar for Last Minute Christmas Gifts

jam-428094_640Hopefully you are about finished your Christmas shopping or are to the bottom of your list. But what about an unexpected guest arriving for your holiday fare and you have no gift. Or a neighbor or co worker brings you a little something, you will want to return the kindness. Be prepared ahead of time…

A homemade food gift with the recipe makes a thoughtful gift with a personal touch. . Add a few decorations to a mason jar with your famous holiday cookies inside or a mixture for a special hot chocolate with a hand written recipe attached with some ribbon makes it special. Know someone who loves to bake? Give them a jar with a scrumptious brownie mix inside. Make these up ahead of time and you will be ready for the unexpected… has over 22 recipes in a jar from MM Cookies, Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Mix, Granola, Pancakes, Hot Cocoa, bread muffins and more. Check out their slide show with links to mixes in a jar recipes Here.

Here are some idea’s from

Brownie Mix In A Jar

Cappucino Mix in a Jar

Chinese Barbeque Sauce

Know someone who would love something other then food?

Candy Cane Bath Salts

Egyptian Facial Mask

There are over 250 gift jar idea’s to choose from including breads and muffins, coffee, teas, breads and soups and more.

Merry Christmas :]



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